Defensive Play 1 (B/I)
By Inquiry (Ben Dickens)

In the BBO Forums there is a sub-forum dedicated to Beginner-Intermediate Bridge Discussions. The moderator of this forum, our yellow Inquiry (Ben Dickens) often posts hands that "should" be easy enough for a beginner/intermediate player to figure out, yet when they were actually played on BBO most players got them wrong. The initiative caught on and now other advanced/expert players joined him into posting problem hands.

Defensive Plays is a series related to hands that more than a few people botched the defense. These are all beginner/intermediate hands. The bidding is from at least one of the tables but is similar to auctions from many tables.

If you happened to play any of these hands, please don't share the hidden hands with others. Advanced or higher level players, this isn't really for you. We will post the Answer in a few days, when we publish the next problem.
Defensive Play One

This is not a difficult hand but does require some thought before playing. Nearly everyone got this hand wrong at the table (11 out of 13 players got it wrong). The trick is to know why the right play is right, not just to find it given this history.

Opening lead ♣T. North plays the KING. Can you set this contract?

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