Interview with Fredrik Nystrom and Johan Upmark
Gold medalists with the Swedish Open Team in Lille, 2012
Fredrik Nystrom
and Johan Upmark
Fredrik Nystrom Johan Upmark

Fredrik Nystrom and Johan Upmark played for Sweden at the World Mind Games 2012 in Lille with team-mates Peter Bertheau, Per-Ola Cullin, Krister Ahlesved and Jonas Petersson and brought home the gold medal. This was the first time Sweden won a world championship.

Queequeg (Francesca Canali) who was at the Lille Grand Palais helping out with vugraph and organization took this opportunity to interview them right after their amazing victory. 
Interview by Francesca Canali,
originally published on
Fulvio Fantoni's official site.

How old are you? Are you married?
  • Nystrom: I am 36. I am not married, I have a girlfriend and an 8 months old son. His name is Caspian.
  • Upmark: I am 35 years old, I am not married.
Are you a professional bridge player?
  • Nystrom: Yes.
  • UpmarkNow yes. Before becoming a bridge player I played many games, such as poker.
When was the first time you and your partner played together?
  • Nystrom: We know each other since many years, but we have been playing together only for one year.
  • UpmarkWe are a pretty new pair: we have been playing together for only one year.
What is the most important competition you won together?
  • Nystrom: An invitational tournament in China in 2011.
  • UpmarkAn invitational tournament in China in 2011.
What is your partner's best quality?
  • Nystrom: I'd say consistency.
  • UpmarkAbout bridge, his bidding. As a person, his good humour and friendship.
What is your partner's worse defect?
  • Nystrom: His temper, pretty aggressive especially when at the table there is a situation of tension.
  • UpmarkHis temper, very combative at the table.
Do you play on BBO?
  • Nystrom: Rarely... sometimes I train in the partnership bidding room.
  • Upmark: Yes, sometimes. My nickname is BBO Star Mostovoi.
What convention do you think everybody should use?
Which are in your opinion the three best pairs in the World?
  • Nystrom: I'd say Helgemo - Helness, Meckstroth - Rodwell, Fantoni - Nunes, but there are also other pairs equally as good..
  • UpmarkHelgemo - Helness, Meckstroth - Rodwell, Lauria - Versace.
What do you like best in bridge?
  • Nystrom: I really like everything of this game!
  • Upmark: Competition. Then, every time you play, something new happens.

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